Loading staff Manually via Staff

            To open the Staff menu from VisitorRego's Admin mode, click File> Staff.

            Below is a screen shot of the Staff screen.

            You can sort and search for staff using the alphabet buttons at the top of the screen, or, to view all the staff members currently loaded, click 'All'.

            The name of the current site is shown at the top of the data grid – in this example the site is Blenheim.

            When ticked, the staff member can be selected from the drop down
             'Meeting With'  field in
             Self Registration. If not ticked they don't appear in this list. 

            UserID of the staff member. Optional.

            The staff members name, first and last.

            The title of the staff member. Optional.

            The staff members department. Optional. If not supplied then the company health and safety and label templates are used.

            The contact office phone number. Optional.

            The contact mobile phone number. Optional. If this field is populated and 
            SMS notifications are setup, an SMS will be sent to the staff member when a visitor arrives.

            IP Phone*
            The internal extension number. Optional. 

            No TXT
            When selected the staff member won't be sent a text/SMS notification.

            The email address. Optional. If specified, is used to 
            send an email message to the staff member when the visitor arrives.

            Label Template
            The name of the label template used to print the visitor label. Optional. This template can then be specific to the staff member. If not specified then the visitor label template of the department the staff member belongs to is used.

            A button, when clicked opens the label template using the VisitorRego report writer. This template can then be modified/maintained to reflect the labeling requirement of the user.

            Health and Safety
            The file name of the Health and Safety requirements to be shown. For example,a staff member could be entered as
            'Contractor' and all contractors are instructed to register meeting 'Contractor'. The Health and Safety requirements shown would then be specific to contractors.


            A button, when clicked opens the file containing the Health and Safety requirements. 

            Maintain By VR
            Set this flag if the staff member details are only to be maintained within VisitorRego. With this flag selected the upload process won't touch this record. This flag allows a staff member to be added and be maintained and not be effected by a scheduled staff load from AD, CSV or custom load. 

            *fields that can be maintained within the active directory or CSV file


            To add a staff member:

            1.       Click the row above the top staff name to create a new row where you can enter the staff details. 
            2.      Closing the screen will 
            save the details – you can double check by going back into the Staff screen


            To change a staff member:

            1. Click in the cell to be changed and make the changes as required. When the row is exited from the database will be updated.

            2. If you also maintain data from the system active directory or CSV file take care when maintaining staff data using VisitorRego. Those fields indicated by the * will be overwritten each time data is updated from the active directory or CSV file. If a record is to be maintained totally within VisitorRego then set the
             'Maintain By VR' flag.


            To delete a staff member:

            1. Right click on the row of the staff member to be deleted. Select Delete Row.

            This action is final, you will not be asked to confirm deletion.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 05:14 AM
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