Lock Out Windows Explorer

            For increased security of your VisitorRego system, you can also choose to lock out the Windows task bar, Start menu and explorer functions.

            As most VisitorRego appliances are deployed without a keyboard and mouse, this will make life very difficult for those curious CTRL ALT DEL pushers to get into your system.

            To apply this lock, from
            Admin mode choose Options> System Setup> General tab.

            Tick the 'Kill Explorer' checkbox and click 'Apply' to hold any changes.

            Now the Windows Start Menu, taskbar and explorer will no longer be visible.

            Tip: If you plan to work on the VisitorRego appliance, untick the 'Kill Explorer' box while you work and switch back on after you are finished. This will save you losing the taskbar that you may need access to for troubleshooting.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:08 AM
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