Low Label Email Notification Pre V10

            VisitorRego has the ability to send an email notification that the labels in your printer are running low. This is particularly useful if your VisitorRego Counter system is in an unattended area, or if you have a VisitorRego Kiosk where the label printer is safely enclosed behind a locked door.

            To utilise this function, you will need to have emailing set up and be running version 6.1.2 or higher of the VisitorRego software.

            To find out what version you are running click here. To upgrade, contact our friendly 
            support team or read the article here which gives you an overview of upgrading.

            Setting up low label email notification

            From VisitorRego's 
            Admin mode, choose Options> System Setup> Printers tab.

            You can specify the Number of labels per roll by entering the value into the number field.
            220 for all VR Counter set ups and VR Kiosks with Seiko 450 Printers (white),
            300 for VR Kiosks with Brother (black) self-cutting printers.
            900 for the large rolls.

            Tick the 'Low Label Alert' box and specify at what point in the countdown the notification is sent using the 'Notify When'... field.
            Enter the staff member's name you want the notification to be sent to as it appears in the Staff list. 

            Click 'Apply'  to hold any changes.

            Now, once the label count goes below the specified number, the staff member listed will get a notification that the labels are low.

             It's a good idea to set this up at the same time you change a label roll and reset the label count.
            Updated: 18 Jul 2019 08:02 AM
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