Make an Appointment Using VisitorRego

            The steps below show you how to enter details and make an appointment for a visitor.

            This process also captures the date and time that the visitor is expected onsite.

            In VisitorRego's Admin mode enter the details of the visitor as below:

            Click 'Make Appointment'.

            Use the date and time drop-down boxes to select the date and time of the appointment and enter any notes in the note field if required.

            Click 'Make Appointment' to save to the database.

            Back in Admin mode, click 'Update' to clear the registration fields to make your next appointment.

            VisitorRego remembers the last date and time used so that all subsequent appointments will use this as the default.

            This process is repeated until all visitors attending the same meeting are entered.

            Alternatively, you can make appointments via VRF.
            To View the appointments made see here.
            To Report on appointments see here.
            Updated: 11 Dec 2018 05:33 AM
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