MIMO 7" Reception Monitor

            VisitorRego is setup to use extended monitors to display information from the main screen. This is helpful in busy reception areas, where a receptionist can see if a visitor is struggling to register, and can provide assistance without the need to leave the reception desk.

            We use and recommend the MIMO 7" reception Monitor as this has been tried and tested in our labs to be robust and reliable, with a fast and simple setup process.

            Using the MIMO Screen with VisitorRego

            From VisitorRego's 
            Admin mode, select OptionsSystem Setup and choose the General Tab. Check the 'Use Extended Monitor' box and click 'Apply'.

            Now, when you use VisitorRego you will be able to see a video feed from the camera (if you are using one and have Photo ID switched on) and the Visitors details as they enter them on the main screen.

            Updated: 06 Mar 2019 10:45 AM
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