My Site Tab

            Use your email address and password to login to the site

            My Site

              Clicking on the My Site tab will present a dropdown menu with various options.

            My Site> Home Page

            This page links to the main page Register> On-site.

            (For more information see: Register tab)

            My Site> My Profile

            The 'My Profile' page is split into four dropdown sections: 'My Details', 'My Role', 'My Emergency Details' and 'My Options'.

                           My Site> My Profile> My Details

            The 'My Details' section contains the profile information for the current user. 

            To edit your details or change your password  enter the information into the relevant box and 

            select 'Update'


                           My Site> My Profile> My Role

            The 'My Role' section details the authority level of various users.

            You can select the role of a user, limiting their authority. If you are managing parent/child sites you can restrict a user’s authority to certain sites.

            To edit a user’s authority and logon click the  icon , next to their name.
            Use the 'Edit Logon' pop up box to change or update the user’s role, email etc.
            Select 'Edit Logon'.

            Adding a new logon

            To add a new logon to the site click the on the table (next to 'Customer'). 

            Add relevant information, assign role and select 'Add Logon'.

                           My Site> My Profile> My Emergency Details

            A user can enter their emergency details, so in the case of an emergency the information will be readily available.
            Fill in fields and press 'Update'.


            My Site> Logon

            The 'Logon' tab will send you to the login portal.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 08:05 AM
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