Parent/Child Relationship

            The Parent/Child Site Relationship is a feature that allows a parent site with one to many child sites.
            The functionality of this feature includes:

            • Registration data
            • Access Template/Levels

            This feature needs to be defined by VisitorRego. A parent site is charged at the same rate as child sites.

            Parent/Child Relationship for Registrations

            The parent site houses all combined registration data from the child sites.
            The Access> Access Levels (By Template) and Access> Access Levels tabs allow you to filter the information displayed, showing data for the selected site.

            To view visitors/contractors that are currently On-site at a certain parent/child site, use the dropdown menu to select the site.

            To switch sites, click on the dropdown menu next to ‘Access Level by Template’ or ‘Access Level’ and select which site you wish to view.

            Adding Access Templates and Levels for Parent Sites

            Adding an Access Template/Level to a parent site will appear in the parent site and child sites. Allowing induction to be company-wide, as a Contractor can complete one induction that is applicable to the parent and child sites. Simplifying the setup and maintenance of Access Templates/Levels.
            To add an Access Template/Level to a parent site, select Access> Access Template. Check that the parent site has been selected.

            To add an Access Templates select the icon and follow prompts.

            Afterwards, an Access Level can be created and contractors added and certified.

            Adding Access Templates and Levels for Child Sites

            Adding an Access Template/Level to a child site will be unique to that child site and will not affect the parent site or other child sites.

            To add a Access Template/Level to a child site you must select the site via the Access menu using either the ‘Access Levels (By Template)’ or ‘Access Levels’ tab. Then, choose the child site from the dropdown menu e.g. ‘Warkworth’(see: Parent/Child Relationship for Registrations). Once the child 
            site is selected return to the ‘Access Template’ tab and the Access Template will now correspond to the 
            child site e.g. ‘Warkworth – Access Templates’.

            Updated: 21 Jan 2019 08:22 AM
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