In the process of registering a visitor; data is captured. The following screens allows you to view, maintain and delete this data.

            The screens to maintain people/visitor/contact/contractor data are accessed from the File> People option from the main menu.

            Clicking on this menu item opens the visitor/contractor screen.

            First Name
            First name of the visitor/contact/contractor.

            Last Name
            Last name of the visitor/contact/contractor.

            Photo ID
            ID of the photo file.

            Name of the company the visitor/contact/contractor represents.

            Contact phone number; typically their mobile number, but  could be a company contact.

            Car registration
            The vehicle registration; typically used to manage parking.

            Their email address.

            Postal Address
            The postal address. VisitorRego.NET can be used as a contacts database and mailing label application.

            Delivery Address
            The delivery address. VisitorRego.NET can be used as a contacts database and mailing label application.

            Health and Safety
            The date the Healthy and Safety instructions were shown and acknowledged as viewed.

            Video Viewed
            The date the Healthy and Safety video was shown and the visitor acknowledged viewing it.

            Last Visit
            The date of their last visit. Used for maintenance. This field identifies visitors what haven't revisited for an extended period and you may wish to delete them.

            Contractors who will be visiting multiple times over extended periods can be issued with an ID. The contractor details are entered just as with a normal visitor. They are issued with an ID and this ID is used to both sign in and out.

            The date that the VisitorID expires and can no longer be used.

            Last Met With
            The last staff member the person met with is recorded. On subsequent visits this staff member is then used as the default Met With name.

            Safety Induction
            This is the date the contractors Safety Induction expires. If they attempt to register when their Safety Induction has expired VisitorRego.NET displays an error and won't print their visitor label. It can also be free text. 

            This is the date that the visitor signed a 'non disclosure' document. It can also be sent as a free text.

            Data field that holds data specific to your organisation and your use of VisitorRego.NET. e.g. When you want to record if specific safety equipment has been issued.

            See description for 'Field1' above.

            See description for 'Field1' above.

            See description for 'Field1' above.

            See description for 'Field1' above.

            Note: all Fields are optional, except for first and last name

            To add a visitor/contractor/contact record:

            Records are added and modified either via the reception or self registration screens


            1. Click in a new row - the row indicated by an * in the row selection box. 
            2. Type the details of the new visitor. When the row is exited from the database will be updated. 

            To change a visitor/contractor/contact record:

            Click in the cell to be changed and make the changes as required. When the row is exited from the database will be updated.

            To delete a visitor/contractor/contact record:

            Highlight the entire row by using the row selector (grey cell to the left of the record to be deleted). Press the delete key to delete the record. 


            Several records can be deleted at the same time. To delete a series of records click on the first record to be deleted, hold the the <shift key> while clicking the last record in the selection to be deleted. This highlights the selection of records to be deleted. Then press the <Delete> key to delete the records. 


            Groups of selected records which are not in consecutive order can also be deleted. Click the first record to be deleted, hold the <ctrl key> while clicking the other records to be deleted. This highlights the selection of records to be deleted. Then press the <delete> key to delete the records. Take care, once deleted the records are gone!
            Updated: 27 Jan 2019 10:38 AM
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