Print labels for groups

            First you need to import the list of names to the VR Appliance. See this article for instructions on this process: Pre-register groups

            Go to the VR Appliance

            Touch the Welcome screen to move through to the Self-Registration screen.

            Touch in the top left hand corner to move into Admin Mode.

            If this is password protected, enter the password into the Name field and touch

            From the navigation bar select File
            From the dropdown menu select Pre Register

            The names from the spreadsheet will be displayed. This is automatically downloaded overnight.

            You can manually download these by clicking Sync with VRF.

            Select the name by ticking the box.

            Select the action you wish to perform. This will apply to all names that are selected.

            Sign In (Only)
            This will register people at the time this is selected. No label is printed.

            Sign In (Print Label)

            This will register people at the time this is selected and a label is printed.

            Print Label (Only)
            A label is printed and the people are not registered. On arrival the people can select their pre-printed label and scan this to sign in.
            Updated: 11 Dec 2018 06:12 AM
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