Privacy - To Save or Delete

            Collecting basic information from your visitors is a vital part of conducting an effective evacuation procedure.


            However, as outlined in the NZ Privacy Act, you are required to ensure that the information is protected by reasonable security safeguards against access, use, modification, or disclosure.

            Visitors can be asked if they want their details to be remembered for future registrations before a label is printed

            The message displayed to visitors can be edited to inform visitors of your security policy.

            To set this up, from VisitorRego's Admin Mode, choose Options> System Setup> Privacy tab.

            Tick the Ask? check-box to ask the question of visitors who are registering to your site.

            Edit The Question field to edit the detail shown to visitors.

            Enter a value in the Delete Registrations  field to delete registrations a specified number of months old. Entering a value of zero will set the system to never delete registrations.

            The box will display to registering visitors after they have viewed the Health & Safety requirements and before a label is printed and will appear as below.

            If the visitor selects ‘No’ then the registration is held for emergency reporting, but their details will be deleted.

            Each time they visit they will be required to enter their details in full.

            If the visitor selects ‘Yes’ then the registration details will be remembered for ease of future registrations.

            You can find more information about the NZ Privacy Act here.

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