Register Tab

            Use your email address and password to login to the site

            Register> On-site

            Once you log on the main page
             Register> On-site> YourBusiness will appear and display the visitor profiles of everyone who has registered today using the VisitorRego kiosk and is currently onsite.

            The information displayed can be listed alphabetically by 'Name', 'Company', 'Time In', 'Meeting With' etc.
            To change, click on any column heading marked in blue.

            Register> Today+

            Clicking on the tab
             Register will present a dropdown menu with various options.

            The Register> Today+ tab displays who has visited today.

            On the
             Today+ page you can change the date range by using the date pickers.

            To display and edit a person’s details, click on the  icon next to the person’s name.

            To search for a person, enter their name into the Part search box and choose whether you are searching for a 'First' Name, 'Last' Name or 'Company'.

            To export the information from
             Register> Today+ to an Excel spreadsheet, click the Excel logo and 

            follow the prompts to download. 

            The following screen shows data for today's registrations:

            To filter data making the distinction between visitors, contractors and staff keep the boxes checked for category you want to view and uncheck the boxes next to the category you want to disappear.

            e.g. To only view visitors ensure the only the
             'Visitor' box is checked and uncheck the others: 

            If you are managing parent/child sites you can switch between the sites using the dropdown menu.

            Click on the dropdown menu next to‘All Registrations’
             and select which site you wish to view.

            All of today’s registrations will appear. If you want to change the date for the information displayed, use the date range pickers.


            Again, if you want to view the registrations for the
             ‘Queenstown’child site, you select that option ​from the dropdown menu.


            In this case no one has registered at the
             ‘Queenstown’ site today so there is no data to show.

            Register> Appointments

             Register> Appointments tab displays all appointments (both future and past).

            To add an appointment click theicon at the top left of the table. 

             Appointment screen will appear.
            Enter details and press
            To delete an appointment press the  icon.

            When a person with a set appointment registers, their details will be automatically populated once they enter their first and last names. To export this information from the
             Register> Appointments tab to an Excel spreadsheet, click the Excel icon and follow the prompts to download. 


            Register> Hazards

            Using the Hazards Reports Screen visitors, contractors and staff members can now report on a hazard when they sign out.
            Navigate to the Register> Hazards tab to view the new page. Hazards that have been submitted can be viewed under the ‘Feedback’ column. (See: Hazard Reports)

            To utilise this new feature you need to be running VisitorRego V8.277 or above.

            Register> Dashboard

             Register> Dashboard tab graphically displays the registrations of staff, contractors and visitors during a selected period.

            To change to date range, use the date pickers.

            Register> Emergency

             Register> Emergency tab displays who is on-site and has/has not been accounted for, as well as who needs assistance.

             Register> Emergency tab can be accessed via smartphone, using the url:
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 08:02 AM
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