Registration Data

            In the process of registering a visitor, data is captured. The following screens allows you to view, maintain and delete this data.

            To find and maintain registration data follow the guide below.

            From VisitorRego's
            Admin mode, choose File> Register.

            This will open the register screen.

            By default the screen opens showing all registrations for the current date. You can sort the data By Person, By Company, By meeting With and by date.
            By clicking the green Excel logo (top right) you can also export your specified data to an Excel spreadsheet.

            First and last name of the visitor/contact/contractor.

            Name of the company the visitor/contact/contractor represents.

            Contact phone number; typically their mobile number, but equally could be a company contact.

            Car Registration
            The vehicle registration; typically used to managing parking.

            Clicking this will email a notification to the staff member the visitor is meeting with. To utilise this you will need to
            set up email notifications.

            Meeting With
            The name of the staff member being visited.

            Meeting Location
            The location where the meeting is being held.

            Date In
            The date the visitor signed in.

            Time In
            The time the visitor signed in.

            Time Out
            The time the visitor signed out.

            Access Card
            A visitor can be issued with an access card if required. When they sign out they are also reminded to return the card.

            Access Card Returned
            Logs whether the visitors Access Card has been returned.

            Special Instructions
            In the process of registering, the response to specific questions is captured and stored in this field and can be displayed on the visitor label if required.i.e. if they are currently inducted, whether they need to attend a safety course, if the have signed the non disclosure document.

            Similar to
            'Broadcast Message', this function acts as a hazard board to notify visitors individually. (See: Individual Message Setup guide to setting up an individual message to a specific visitor).

            Register Record

            To add a register record:

            Records are added and modified either via the reception or self registration screens and not by this screen.

            To change a register record:

            Records can't be changed. The Register record is a snap shot in time of the visitor, their company and staff member they are meeting with.

            To delete a register record:

            Highlight the entire row by using the row selector (grey cell to the left of the record to be deleted). Press the delete key to delete the record. 


            Several records can be deleted at the same time. To delete a series of records click on the first record to be deleted, hold the the <shift key> while clicking the last record in the selection to be deleted. This highlights the selection of record to be deleted. Then press the <Delete> key to delete the records. 


            Groups of selected records that are not in consecutive order can also be deleted. Click the first record to be deleted, hold the <ctrl key> while clicking the other records to be deleted. This highlights the selection of records to be deleted. Then press the <delete> key to delete the records. Take care, once deleted the records are gone.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:17 AM
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