Registration Screen

            Every company has a different requirement in terms of managing visitors. While some companies need to record vehicle registration to manage visitor parking, many companies do not.

            The VisitorRego system is highly versatile in terms of the number of fields that can be displayed on the Registration Screen depending on company's visitor management needs. Fields that are not necessary can be hidden for ease of use and simplification. 

            Below is the Registration Screen in
            Admin Mode showing the fields as distributed: 

            Every field other than 'Name' and 'Meeting With' are optional. Fields can be added or removed, depending on your requirements.

            How to add/remove fields

            For example a company may not require 'Car Registration', but instead capture an email address.

            Step 1. Open VisitorRego. Navigate to Options> Registration Setup
            Step 2. Tick or untick the 'visable' checkbox of required fields
            Step 3. Close and return to Admin mode, changes should be shown (see screenshot below).

            Registration Setup for a explanation of the elements of fields shown).

            After making this change, the Registration Screen would look like the following. The email address fields have been placed on a new tab 'Address'.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 05:16 AM
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