Report Builder

            VisitorRego contains a fully functional Report Builder used in the creation of templates utilised by VisitorRego to print off data for such purposes as:
            • Label Printing
            • Emergency Register Sheet
            • Visitor History

            The Report Writer gives VisitorRego the ability to print off relevant information when needed.

            This function can be accessed from Admin mode, through 
            Reports> Report Builder

            This will open the End-User Designer window

            To load a template to edit, choose File> Load Layout. This will open the Res folder where all your graphics and templates can be found.

            Choose a template to work with. The files you can open will be .xml files.

            Using the Report Builder can be tricky! Don't hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly 
            support team for help.
            Chances are we have already created the report you are trying to make and can save you the trouble by sending the updated file directly to you.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:09 AM
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