Resetting the Label Count

            To help keep track of how many labels are left on the roll and to make life easier, VisitorRego has a label count feature.

            This counts down the labels as they are used.
            You will see the label count displayed in the bottom left hand corner of your Welcome screen.

            Reset this when you put in a new roll..

            Option 1. From the Welcome screen 

            Simply double tap the number (like you are double clicking using a mouse) and it will be reset.

            Option 2. Via Admin Mode

            Choose File> Reset Label Count.

            A pop up window will appear letting you know that the label count on the Welcome screen has been set to the default value of 220.

            If you are using a kiosk with a different sized label roll, please let our friendly
             support team know and they can advise you how to set the default for the labels you are using.

            You can order more labels

             here for a guide to setting up a low label notification email.
            Updated: 31 Oct 2019 11:35 AM
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