Scanner - Barcode set up

            The bar code printed on the visitor label needs to be as small as possible (for aesthetic reasons - lets face it a bar code is ugly).

            By default the bar code is 3 numeric. This means that once the registration ID reaches 999 it starts over again at 000.

            By default the metrologic scanner that Visitor Registration Ltd supply can't read a bar code less than 5. To read a bar code less than 5 the following setup bar codes need to be scanned.

            Use the Set minimum barcode length.pdf document attached to this article and print to a laser printer (or good quality printer). Do not scale. Print at 100%

            Scan the three bar codes to set the minimum length.

            If your label prints without a bar code and displays as below, you may need to load the 3 of 9 bar code as a font.

            To do this, download the '3 of 9 Barcode' TrueType font (or request from our Support Team) , right-click and select 'Copy'.

            Navigate through to the 'Fonts' folder ( usually C:/Windows/Fonts) and right click and select 'Paste'.

            Close VisitorRego and restart your computer.

            Once VisitorRego starts up again your label should look as below.

            If it doesn't, then click on the three dots to the left in Properties - Text Font and choose the 3 of 9 bar code font that should now be installed.
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            Updated: 12 Dec 2018 10:47 AM
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