Using a scanner allows visitors to easily sign themselves out. Making it easy for people to sign out is just as important (if not more important) as signing in. The whole registration process means nothing if people aren't signing out.

            VisitorRego has given companies a tool by which they can ensure  they maintain an accurate visitor register. At the end of each day, a list of  people still signed in is displayed. It is assumed that all people still signed in are still onsite. These people are located either by calling the telephone number entered when registering or searching the premises. If the person can not be located, then the staff member that person was visiting is contacted. This process is escalated until a company is satisfied that all people are accounted for.

            Implementing a procedure where all people are accounted for reinforces the registration process and makes people aware of the importance of signing out.

            There are two modes in which an attached scanner can work. A scanner can be attached as a USB device or it can be attached as a serial device.

            There is an issue with a USB device. While easy to setup a USB device simply emulates a keyboard i.e. VisitorRego sees the data sent from the scanner as though it was typed using the key board. This is fine until you have a person registering at the same time as another person is signing out. The person signing out, their registration ID appears in the fields of the person signing in- they don't get signed out and the person signing in needs to backspace to remove the registration ID.

            Updated: 12 Dec 2018 10:34 AM
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