Self Registration - An Overview

            Self Registration allows the visitor to register themselves, reducing the work load for your receptionist while changing the emphasis when a visitor arrives. A receptionist is free to greet a visitor rather than quizzing them for their personal details.

            Health and Safety information is presented in a way that can't be ignored by the visitor. This information is easily changed to remain relevant to both the visitor and your company.

            The quality of the data captured is superb with the correct spelling of the visitor name, their company, their contact phone number and the date and time they registered and signed out.

            Here is an example of the flow a first time visitor would see during Self Registration Mode on a VisitorRego appliance.

            Below, the welcome screen, which greets the visitor and invites them to touch the screen to begin the registration process.

            The visitor would then see the main Self Registration screen where they can use the onscreen keyboard to enter their details.

            Returning visitors enter their first and last names and the rest of the information will be automatically populated. This makes it fast for regular visitors to register. They are also able to edit the information to keep their details current.

            Once the visitor enters their details and has tapped the 'Press to Register' button (which will appear after they have completed the fields) they are shown the company health & safety screens which will look similar to below, except branded with your company livery.

            The visitor will then have to tap the 'Press to Acknowledge these Health & Safety Requirements' button.

            They will then be printed a visitor label with a unique ID.

            When the visitor leaves, they can sign-out by scanning the barcode on their visitor label.

            The VisitorRego system will acknowledge the sign-out and the process is complete.

            Once you have the basics mastered, you can choose to add in features as required, such as:
            • Send an email notification to the staff member the visitor is here to see
            • Send an SMS notification to the staff member the visitor is here to see
            • Capture a photo of the visitor and display it on the label
            • Use any barcode to scan frequent visitors in and out quickly
            • Differentiate between visitors and contractors and display the appropriate health and safety screens
            • Set up your reception area to be an unattended area and notify of deliveries.
            • And many more! Feel free to contact us if there is something in particular you need your VisitorRego system to do, chances are, it is already setup and ready to go, waiting for you to discover it!

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:45 AM
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