Setting up a Health & Safety Quiz

            VisitorRego has the ability to ask visitors a series of multiple choice questions after they have viewed the health and safety screens.

            You will need to be running the 
            latest version of VisitorRego to utilise this feature.

            Step 1. To setup the multiple choice quiz, open VisitorRego and from 
            Admin mode, choose Options> Health and Safety Quiz Setup.

                                                                             ***For steps 2 - 10 refer to the screenshot above***

            Step 2.
             Check the 
            Turn on Quiz check-box to turn on the Quiz.

            Step 3. Specify the 'Number of Questions to Ask' by typing the number into this field.

            Step 4. To add a question, click in the 'Questionfield and enter the text you wish to ask. 

            Step 5. To add an explanation, click in the 'Explanation' field and enter the text. This is shown to further clarify the question if the visitor answers incorrectly.

            Step 6. Check the 'Show' check box to display the question in the Health & Safety Quiz.

            Step 7. The 'Background' field allows you to choose a background image to display behind the quiz. Your desired image will need to live in the Res folder of the VisitorRego root directory.

            Step 8. For each question, you have the ability to display a multiple choice answer. The options for each answer can be added into the 'Answer Choices' field on the right hand side of the Quiz setup window.

            Highlight the question you wish to create multiple choices answers for by clicking the arrow to the left of the question, then enter the choices for the answer to this question.

            Step 9. To specify the order the answers appear, enter the number in the 'Order' field.

            Step 10. Select the correct answer by checking the 'Correct' check box.

            To delete a question or answer, click the arrow in the row you wish to delete to highlight. Then press DEL on your keyboard.

            When the quiz is turned on, it is displayed to the visitor after they have read the health and safety screens as in the image below.

            Visitors tap the  button for the answer they think is correct.

            A correct answer will display as   as seen in the image below, and the visitor can move on to the next question by tapping the 'Next' button.

            An incorrect answer will display as  and the visitor will get a second chance at a correct answer.

            The answers given by the visitor will be held in the VisitorRego database, and can be accessed for reporting purposes.
            Updated: 27 Jan 2019 10:01 AM
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