Setting up a Site Admin User

            Using the VR Portal, you can set up different site roles to give staff access to specific parts of the VRP system. 

            In this article we are looking at creating a Site Admin. You will need to be a Site Owner to create this role.

            Note: there is a hierarchy of roles with Site Admin at the top, the difference being that Site Admins will receive email notifications.

            Set up a new user

            Navigate to the My Site> My Profile tab. Under the ‘My Role’ section a list of the various individuals with ‘Site Admin’, ‘Admin’ and ‘Member’ roles will appear.

            To add a new member click the  icon on the table.

            Enter relevant information, assign ‘Role’ and select ‘Add Logon’.

            The members and corresponding roles will appear in the ‘My Role’ table.

            Edit an existing user

            To edit an existing user click the icon.

            Change role and select ‘Edit Logon’.


            Edit site users' passwords

            If you are a site admin you can also change a site users’ password. To change click the  icon next to their name.

            Type in new password, confirm and select
             ‘Edit Logon’.

            Updated: 12 Jun 2019 02:50 PM
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