Setting up Auto Sign-Out

            If a visitor forgets to sign out with their label when they leave, VisitorRego has the intelligence to automatically sign visitors out after a specified time period. This keeps your Emergency Onsite report accurate so that you don't need to chase up visitors that have left the site and simply forgotten to sign out in the case of an evacuation roll call.

            The auto sign-out function should be enabled by default, but if it is not on you can set up the auto sign-out function by following the steps below.

            1. From VisitorRego's Admin mode, choose Options> System Setup> General Tab, then under General.

            2. Tick the checkbox Auto Sign Out to turn on the function.

            3. You can specify the time period before automatic sign out takes place by changing the value in Auto Sign Out Hours. Simply enter the time period after which   the visitor will be signed out into the field.

            Note: Generally, 12 hours covers until the next working day for an accurate emergency report.

            4. Once done, close out of System Setup. The auto sign-out function should now be set up.

            Keeping track of signed out visitor’s vs auto signed out visitors

            With auto sign-out enabled, you will be able to differentiate between visitors who signed themselves out and those whom the VisitorRego software auto signed out.

            When viewing registration history using Today+ in the VisitorRego Portal as well as the register on the unit itself, you can see the difference between when a visitor signs out normally and when a visitor is automatically signed out.

            Visitors with a value in the Time Out field have signed themselves out by scanning the barcode on their visitor label.
            Visitors with no value shaded red in the Time Out field have been signed out by the auto sign-out function.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 02:56 PM
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