Setting up which staff are to be notified when pressing the reception bell

            1. From VisitorRego's Admin mode choose Options> File> Reception Bell.

            2. Enter the details of the staff member or members to receive the notification. This can be via email, SMS or both. Check the 'Active' box for the notification method you require.

            3. Close the window to save any changes.

            Now, when the Reception Bell button is pushed from the Welcome screen in Self-registration mode a notification email and/or SMS will be sent to the staff member specified in the setup.

            Note: In order for the notifications to be sent, notifications need to be enabled. You can setup SMS notifications using your own SMS gateway provider, or alternatively VisitorRego offers an SMS notification service. Please contact VisitorRego support for more information on our SMS notification service should you wish to use it.
            Updated: 21 Mar 2019 06:15 AM
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