Setting up your SMS notification

            VisitorRego has the ability to send an SMS notification to both the staff member the visitor is here to see and the visitor themselves.

            To do this you will need to have
            • mobile numbers of staff members listed (see here for details)
            • an SMS domain provider, this is generally your own on mobile phone provider, but if this isn't suitable then options such as SMSGlobal can be used
            With this function switched on, the SMS is sent as an email to your chosen email server in the form from the reply email address you specify in the setup.

            Once the message has reached your mail server it will then be passed through to your SMS gateway and the SMS notification is sent to the mobile number of the staff member the visitor is here to see.

            To setup your SMS notification from Admin mode choose Options> System Setup> SMS tab.

            Here you can enter your SMS domain details and modify the message that is sent to both staff and visitor.

            To send and SMS to staff tick the 'Send SMS' to Staff check box and choose 'Applyto hold any changes.
            To send and SMS to the visitor tick the 'Send SMS' to Visitor check box and choose 'Apply' to hold any changes.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:32 AM
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