Silex Install

            Connect your computer to your network.

            Connect the silex to your computer via a Cat6 network cable to the RJ45 ports.

            Then run the software CD that comes with Silex.

            Select 'Configure using the setup utility (recommended)'

            The MAC Address is on the bottom of the Silex.
            It is the number prefixed  'E/A’. Enter this MAC address into 'Ethernet Address:'

            It will take a few seconds before completing and placing the entry into the ‘Search result overview’.

            Select the entry in this box and click ‘Next’.

            Enter the network IP address and click ‘Next’.

            Choose your wireless network and join.

            Select the wireless network and enter and confirm Network key then click 'Next'.

            Click 'Execute'.

            Click 'Finish'.

            You will see this now after pressing 'Finish'.

            The Silex is now on the network. The configuration screen can then be accessed via a browser.
            Updated: 11 Jul 2018 01:24 PM
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