Staff Tab

            Use your email address and password to login to the site


               Clicking on the Staff tab will present a dropdown menu with various options.

            Staff> Onsite

            The Staff> On-site tab displays data of the staff that are currently on-site.

            Staff> Today+

            Staff> Today+ shows a list of all staff that have signed-in today whether or not they are still on-site. This information can be adjusted to see previous dates and filtered.

            Staff> Dashboard

            The Staff > Dashboard tab graphically displays the registrations of staff.

            Staff> Staff

            Staff> Staff shows the list of all staff. The ‘Fit’ column relates to the staff members assigned Access Level. (For more information see: Assigning Staff to an Access Level)

            Staff > Invites

             Staff> Invites shows which staff member sent out certain invitations to contractors.

            Staff > Monitor

            The Staff> Monitor tab displays the time of events and what has occurred. To update press the  icon for the latest events.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 08:01 AM
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