Step 1 - Backup

            The first thing to do when upgrading is to backup your current files. Remember, you can never have too many backups! This means if you get stuck you can always revert back to the previous version without losing any functionality.

            Create a folder called VisitorRego Backup and in this folder create a folder with the date as the name. (We usually store these backup files in the 'System' Folder in the C Drive but you can save these anywhere you like)

            Take a copy of your VisitorRego.NET folder, usually housed in C:ProgramFiles (or C:/ProgramFiles x86) and save it into this backup folder. 

            You will also need to save a copy of your user config file. This file holds all the settings for your VisitorRego system. 
            This file is generally located in C:Users/VisitorRegoPC/Appdata/Local/VisitorRego...(your PC may have a different name) click through until you get to a folder called containing a file called user.config. This is your config file. Make a copy and paste it into your dated Backup folder.

            Note: If you cannot see the Appdata folder, you may need to show hidden files and folders. To do this, press Alt then selectTools > Folder Options > View and select 'Show Hidden files, folders and drives' then click 'Apply'.

            Your backup folder should now contain both the VisitorRego.NET folder and your user config file and appear as such.

            Now that everything is backed up we can move on to Step Twoupdating the database.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:48 AM
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