Step 2 - SQL Update

            Some upgrades may require changes to the database. If you are using a Microsoft Access database... Sit back! Relax! Your database will automatically update when you install with the new version.

            If your database is being held on an SQL server, then you will need to run a script against the VisitorRego.NET database.

            Note: To do this, you will need access to, and the relevant permissions for your SQL Server Management Studio. If you do not have these, contact your IT department for help with this.

            The VisitorRego support team will have emailed you a link to download an SQL update script. Save this file, usually called VisitorRego_Update.sql, into your VisitorRego.NET root directory or onto a USB key if your server access is not on the VisitorRego PC.

            It is always advisable to back-up before you make any changes to the database.
            Once at the PC with SQL access, double click the update file to open with SQL server management studio (or Right-click to'Open with'). SQL studio will ask for a password to log you on. Enter these details in the required fields. 

            Once in your SQL server, make sure the name of the database the script is to run against matches the name of your VisitorRego database (it should default to VisitorRego) and then click ‘Execute’.

            The SQL management server will advise you if this was successful. 

            Now you are ready to move on to Step Three, Uninstall and Reinstall.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:48 AM
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