Step 4 - Reinstating Your Graphics - Final Checks

            At this point, start up VisitorRego to check whether it has held your company graphics. Depending on where you saved the backup, VisitorRego may or may not have been able to find the files it was looking for.

            Do a test registration and see if your company graphics are displaying as before the upgrade.
            If they are, great! You have nearly finished the upgrade process!

            If the graphics have reverted to default VisitorRego images like the ones below, see the Customising Graphics section for a guide to reinstating your company livery.

            There are two files that VisitorRego will automatically overwrite (because they always have the same file name) which you will need to copy and replace with your back-up files of the same name. 

            These are ByeCompanyLogo.png and MessagingCompanyLogo.png. These are the graphics displayed when signing out and sending an email notification to staff respectively.

            Navigate back to the folder you saved your backup into (usually C:/System...) and select both these files. Copy the files and paste into the 'Res' folder in your VisitorRego.NET root directory.

            Windows will give you this prompt

            Select check the box marked 'Do this for the next 1 conflicts' then select 'Copy and Replace'.

            Now, do a quick check through your settings (in Admin Mode, Options> System Setup ) and make sure that VisitorRego is pointing to the correct Database and that the Scanner and Printer settings are as before.

            Great Stuff! You have successfully completed your VisitorRego upgrade!

            If you come across any errors upon start up, see the Upgrade Troubleshooting or Common Errors & Simple Solutions sections of this support centre, or, if you are well and truly stuck, before you pull your hair out, contact our friendly and helpful Support Team for expert advice. 
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:49 AM
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