Subscription Key

            Because the VisitorRego software is downloadable, the subscription key serves as your own personal key to unlock the software.

            A subscription key is specific to each computer running VisitorRego. These are updated yearly or as required.

            You may get a message like the one below. This means that your subscription has or is about to expire.

            If you get this message, contact our friendly support team, and we will provide you with an updated key. You will need to provide your Company name, the MAC Address of the computer running VisitorRego, and the version and build of VisitorRego currently installed.

            You can find this information by clicking Help> About, from Admin Mode  in the top right-hand corner.


            Take a screenshot of this window or take note of the details.

            The field named ID is the MAC address that VisitorRego is reading.

            Send the About screen and your MAC Address  details through to our support team.

            We will send you your updated key as a txt file.

            Save this txt file into your VisitorRego.NET folder, replacing the old file of the same name (Copy and Replace)

            Now from the About screen in VisitorRego, click Load Subscription Keys.

            Click, OK then close all open Windows, exit VisitorRego and Re-start your computer.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:47 AM
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