Touchscreen Basics

            Most VisitorRego systems are deployed with a touch screen which reduces clutter in reception and gives visitors an excellent first impression of your company. Below are some basic skills that you may need when navigating around VisitorRego using a touchscreen.


            To right-click on a touch screen, touch and hold, keeping your finger on the screen until you get a circle appearing around your touch. Then release your touch to get a right click menu.

            Remember - Touch, Hold, Release!

            On-Screen Keyboard

            To bring up the On-screen keyboard on a touch screen, tap anywhere down the far left-hand side of your screen.
            You should see a small tab pop out.

            Touch this to pull out the on-screen keyboard. You can use anywhere on this keyboard that is not an actual key, say the top bar to drag this around to wherever suits.

            Updated: 23 May 2019 06:58 AM
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