Unattended Reception - Displaying Staff Phone Details

            If your reception area is unattended and you ask visitors to call a staff member's extension number, you can now do away with laminated phone lists and let VisitorRego do the work for you.

            To display a staff member's phone or extension number, you will first need to make sure that this information exists in your staff list. (See: An Overview of Loading Staff for a guide to adding this detail).

            Switching the Display Phone Details Function On

            From VisitorRego's Admin mode, choose Options> System Setup> Phone tab.

            Check the [Show Phone Details] check box to display the staff members details to the visitor after they have registered.

            Check the [Show Phone Details] (only when email and/or txt not sent) check box to display the staff members details if the email or sms notification have failed to send.

            You can edit the message displayed to the visitor by clicking and typing into the [Message Directing the Visitor to use the phone].  The values in the square brackets correspond to database field names and should not be altered without advice from our 
            support team.

            Click 'Apply to hold any changes.

            Message will be display to the visitor after they register as below.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:43 AM
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