Unattended Setup

            VisitorRego can be installed in unattended reception areas and visitors are able to notify a staff member or group when they require assistance or have a delivery.

            To set this up is a two pronged approach.

            (See: Reception Bell for a guide to setting up where the notification will go when this button is pushed)

            From VisitorRego's
            Admin mode choose Options> System Setup> Unattended tab.

            From this screen you can specify the size of the button, where it is on the screen and the file you wish to use as the button. This can be customised for your company. Common options are Deliveries, Deliveries & Couriers, I would like to Contact Reception.

            Check the
             'Show this button on the Welcome Screen' check box to show this button to visitors.
             'Apply' to hold any changes.

            When pressed, the button will send an email or SMS notification will be sent you the staff member or group setup via Reception Bell from the File menu.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 08:13 AM
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