Upgrade Troubleshooting

            Upgrading to the latest version of VisitorRego is generally a pretty simple operation - particularly if VisitorRego support can do this for you remotely! 

            Depending on the type of upgrade and the jump in version, you may end up with a few minor error messages after the upgrade. These are all easily solved. Read on to find out more.

            I get this error message when I try to start VisitorRego...

            To solve either of the above, simply give full permissions to all users on the VisitorRego.NET folder.

            To do this, use the Windows file explorer to navigate to this folder in either Program Files or Program Files x86(depending on your build) in the C drive of your PC.


            Right-click on the VisitorRego.NET folder and choose Properties> Security tab.

            Choose Edit to change permissions.

            Choose the Users group and tick the Allow boxes for Full control and Modify.

            Click Apply to hold any changes.

            Click OK to close this Window and confirm the permission changes have been made in the VisitorRego.NET properties window.

            Click OK, then restart VisitorRego and all should be right with the world.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:45 AM
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