Using a Photo on the Label

            With the Photo ID function switched on, and a visitor photo being captured at the time of registration, VisitorRego can now print this photo on the visitor labels.

            VisitorRego comes with two default label templates, one with a Photo ID and one without.

            To use the label displaying the Photo ID, you will need to change the label template.  

            From VisitorRego's
            Admin mode, click Options> Maintain Site.

            Once in the Maintain Site window, click in the 'Label Template field' to get a cursor. Change the file name to one that contains LabelP or Label Portrait then click 'Open' to view.

            You can check you have the correct file by navigating through into VisitorRego.NET's folder in your computer.

            The photo label when opened should appear as below.

            Updated: 11 Jul 2018 01:22 PM
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