Viewing Appointments

            From VisitorRego's Admin mode, click File> Appointments to show all appointments made.

            The appointments can be sorted in any order by clicking the column heading - the column 'SortDate' will sort by appointment date and time.

            To sign in or print a visitor who has arrived for their appointment, check the box to the left of the visitor in question - the buttons 'Sign In + Print', 'Sign In' and 'Print' are now enabled. 

            In the example above, all the appointments have been selected and the three buttons are now enabled

            Click 'Sign In + Print' to sign in and print a label for all those appointments checked (the visitor is signed in at the date and time the button is clicked). 

            Click 'Sign In' to sign in all those appointments checked. This option will NOT print a visitor label (the visitor is signed in at the date and time the button is clicked).

            Click 'Print' to print a label for all those appointments checked. The visitor is printed a label but NOT signed in.

            If a label is printed it can be given to the visitor on arrival. They can scan this label to sign in using the scanner. Their details (as entered for the appointment) will be retrieved and shown on the registration screen. They can accept these details or correct as required then press 'Press to Register'. They will be shown the health and safety requirements (or what ever the registration process is).

            Appointment records aren't deleted automatically except when the visitor has used the label to sign themselves in. Using the buttons to sign in and print labels levels the appointment record in place. These need to deleted manually.

            To delete an appointment record - click on the record selector to the left (far left) which turns the whole record blue. Press the delete key to delete the record. To delete a range of appointments turn the first record to be deleted blue hold the shift key and click on the last record to be deleted. With the appointments selected (all blue) press the delete key.  

            Updated: 11 Dec 2018 05:34 AM
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