Visitor sign in using Pre-Registration

            People invited to meetings via Pre-Registration will receive the meeting invite from Outlook and a second email from VisitorRego inviting them to sign in. 

            After opening the email from VisitorRego, select the Sign In button to be taken to the Pre-Registration website.

            First time on site

            If this is the visitors first time on site then they will need to enter their registration details. This is the same information that they are asked to complete on the self-registration screen. 

            These fields can be customised as part of the Pre-Registration set up process. 

            Once these details are completed, press Proceed. The Pre-Rego Index page will then open. 

            Returning visitors

            Returning visitors will be taken straight to the Pre-Rego Index page. 

            Pre-Registration Index

            This page has all the information that visitors need to know before they come on site. 


            This is the visitors personal barcode for this specific meeting. They can scan this QR code at the VisitorRego barcode scanner.

            If they have accepted the health and safety information they will be signed in, a label will be printed and email/SMS notifications sent to staff. 

            If they have not accepted the health and safety information they will be shown the information on screen and asked to accept it before the registration process is completed. 

            Health and Safety 

            This section is your company’s specific health and safety 

            Display a map and/or parking instructions 


            Include guest wifi details

            Site Map
            Display a map with directions and emergency instructions such as evacuation maps. 

            Link your address to Google Maps so visitors can guide themselves to your site. 


            Call VisitorRego support directly to ask for help, or email the host. 

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