Client Tech Edit Access Manual

Client Tech Edit Access Manual

Click the attached file below to view the latest version of the Watermark Client Tech Edit Access Manual

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      When uploading a study you will be prompted to add the patient's questionnaire information. This should appear as a pop-up window during the physical uploading of data from your ARES device. After uploading a study it will remain in a ...
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      Cleaning procedure for the CT2 Chest Belt
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      When uploading a study you have the ability to request interpretation for the Home Sleep Test.  This option is located in the Study Information section labeled Interpretation Req'd*:  From the dropdown menu select YES if you want to the study to be ...
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      Certain patient information can be accessed and modified if needed. This can be done by following these steps: Note- If a study has been interpreted and signed, the DOB and gender cannot be modified. This information is used in the diagnostic process ...
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      Chapter 1:   Add User Watermark Medical is excited to announce a new feature in the sleep study portal. You can now add new users, deactivate users, and reset a user’s password in your account.              1.  Login to the Watermark Sleep Study ...