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            Access & Play on the Browser

            If you don't have an account yet, please follow the steps in the link below to set up user accounts for your students/children through our website:
            1. Setup School Administrator Account
            2. Setup Teacher Account
            3. Setup Parent Account
            If you have already had an account, please follow these instructions for your student/child to access and play our current Product "Eco Challenge" using your Browser:
            1.  Open your browser and go to:
            2.  Sign in with the following information:
              1. Username: Child's/Student's Username
              2. Password: Child's/Student's Password
              3. Parent/Teacher Username: Parent's/Teacher's email
            3.  Login using the credentials below:
              1.  If you are using Firefox/Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge, you don't need to do any additional adjustment.
              2.  If you are using Safari, you will need to adjust the following browser setting.
                1.  Safari menu > Settings for the website > uncheck "Enable content blockers"
                2.  Safari menu > Settings for the website > Autoplay: "Allow All Auto-Play"
                3.  Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced(tab) > uncheck "Stop plug-in to save power"
                4.  Reload the page: View menu > Reload Page
            4.  If you are not on "Products" page currently, go to "Products". Click the "PLAY" button on the product, then a new tab will be opened and you can start playing the game. 
            If a School Administrator/Teacher/Parent would like to play the product yourselves, go to: and sign in with the following information
            1. Username: School Administrator's/Teacher's/Parent's email
            2. Password: School Administrator's/Teacher's/Parent's password
            Then, follow steps 3 and 4 above to play.

            If you have problem playing "Eco Challenge" on your browser, please check your browser setting following the instructions in this article.

            Contact us at for further assistance.

            Updated: 10 Sep 2019 03:50 AM
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