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            Setup School Administrator Account

            When creating an account if you are a School Administrator, please select the School Admin account creation. With this account, you will be able to initially set up teacher accounts where teachers can then finish the login process. You can also buy and assign our products to teachers who can then distribute it to their class.

            Set up account

            1. Go to:
            2. Click on "Create Account".
            3. Under Account Type, select "School Admin". Fill out the rest of the information.
            4. Check your email for an email from If not found in inbox, please check the spam folder. Follow the instructions to set up your password.
            5. Go to "Manage Teachers" and click "ADD NEW TEACHER"  to set up teacher accounts. An email will be sent to the email address of the teacher and then they can set up their account.

            Assign product keys to teachers

            To get started, you will need teacher's name, email information as well as school information. Make sure the Teacher account is verified, then:

            1. Go to "Products" and click "ADD TO CART".
            2. Choose the total number of product keys you want to buy by using the (+) or (-) button, or by entering number from 1-99, then press "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" to complete the transaction.
            3. Go to "Manage Teachers".
            4. Under "Product" click "+ADD LICENSE".
            5. Choose the product and number of keys you want to assign to each teacher. You may want to assign an extra license to enable the teacher to access/play the product as well.

            Teachers account will be created by School Admins and then will be finished by themselves. The teachers are in charge of assigning products to their student accounts.

            Contact us at for further assistance.

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