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            Setup Teacher Account

            Set up personal account

            Teachers will receive an email from with an invitation to confirm account. If not found in inbox, please check the spam folder.

            1.  Click the link in the email and follow the instructions.
            2.  Go to: to log in.
            Note: if a Teacher would like to play the product, they should
            1.  Go to "Manage Product Keys", and 
            2.  Assign a key/license to themselves by clicking lick on "Assign Product Key" in the upper right and choosing their email as the User
            To play our current product "Eco Challenge!" right away, they can
            1.  Go to "Product" and
            2.  Click the "PLAY" button on the product
            Otherwise, continue to setup student groups/classes.

            Set up accounts for student(s)

            1.  If you teach several groups of students or need to setup for multiple classes, click “ADD STUDENT GROUP” to create as many group names as needed. Group names can be used to represent a particular classroom.
            2.  Click on "ADD STUDENT ACCOUNT" to add one student at a time or "IMPORT" to add several students at a time by uploading file.
              1. When using "ADD STUDENT ACCOUNT", fill in the requested information following the instructions below. All fields marked (*) are mandatory
                1. User Name* - needs to be unique so we recommend a combination of letters and numbers, ie. sarsmi123
                2. First Name* - ie. Sarah
                3. Last Name - ie. Smith 
                4. Student Password* - at least 6 characters with a combination of letters and numbers (could be the same for all students)
                5. Age - choose from menu 
                6. Gender* - choose from menu
                7. Student group - choose from group names you have created to distinguish between groups 
              2. When using "IMPORT", enter the requested information following the instructions below.
                1. Click on "Download sample csv file" so you can edit this file and submit the modified file.
                2. If you are using an Apple computer, please open the downloaded file with "TextEdit".
                3. Enter all fields of the student's information in a comma separated list as shown below: (do not use any "space" before or after comma). Delete the same line afterwards.
                                          For example: maryp,Mary,Poppins,10,female,abc123
                                          Please note we do not accept duplicate accounts; duplicate accounts will be                               treated as "invalid entries".

            Assign product keys to student(s)

            After you are done creating all the student accounts, you need to assign product keys to the students.

            1.  Go to "Manage Account".
            2.  Click "ADD PRODUCT KEY" next to the student name and choose product to assign.
            3.  Assign product keys to students by clicking "ADD PRODUCT KEY" next to students name and choose product to assign.
            4.  Provide students with the following login details:
              1. Username
              2. Password
              3. Teacher Username

            Contact us at for further assistance.

            Updated: 25 Sep 2019 03:59 AM
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