Adding Keywords to Your WBSMS System

Adding Keywords to Your WBSMS System

Before you can add short code keywords to your WBSMS installation you need to make sure your admin account has at least one Short Code Keyword Credit available. To do this go to the main Admin Dashboard and click 'Manage Credits'.

On the Manage Credits page scroll down to the box titled “Short Code keyword Credits”. Enter the desired number of KW credits you want to assign to your admin account and hit the green + icon to confirm the addition.As you can see in the image below, once you click the green + icon your admin account will be instantly updated.

Once your Woottext account is connected to your WBSMS system and you have added at least one Short Code Keyword credit to your admin, you can add keywords you own to your WBSMS installation, or add more on the fly if you need. Keywords added directly from WBSMS will be debited auto automatically from your Woottext account.

From the Short Code Info page you added your Woottext info to, select 'Add Keyword'.

In the light box that appears, enter the keyword you wish to add to your WBSMS installation. This keyword can be either owned by you already or it can be a new keyword you wish to add to your Woottext account. After typing in the desired keyword click 'Check Availability'. In the image below we are adding the keyword we added to our Woottext profile before, 'special2013'.

Notice in the image above the prompt says “special2013 is owned by you but not attached to any install,” to add this keyword, we simply click add and can add the keyword to this installation. After clicking 'Add' you'll see the keyword added to your list of Short Code Keywords behind the light box.From here you can click the red X in the light box to close it, or you can enter and check the availability of a new Short Code Keyword.

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