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            Mary Ann Benigno : A Beautiful Woman With a Purpose to Help the Needy

            This blog will tell you about an unique and intelligent social activist who is working hard to help homeless people. Her name is Mary Ann Benigno and has been in this business from years.

            Let me tell you that Mary Ann Benigno now is looking forward to help people by organizing community classic car show for a charitable cause. She knows that it will require lot of time and effort to plan such a massive event and with all helping hands from community of loyal residents. Mary Ann Benigno is sure of organizing an amazing event. As she is not having any classic cars with her, so she spoke to many classic car owners and even they agreed after knowing it is all about good cause.

            Mary Ann Benigno is not limited to this. One of the best thing is that she is even looking forward to organize a live band concert, games and food stalls, as little ones will be busy in these things meanwhile adults will enjoy the classic car show. She says that lots of space will be there for food vans as they carry their kitchen and services along with that and after the carnival is over, it will be easy to clean it up.

            Fundamental thought process of arranging this fair is to fund-raise for homeless and this cash will be given to neighborhood charity. There will be no entry charge for the general population going to the jamboree.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2018 04:38 PM
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