Hiring Through Zaarly While Staying Safe

Hiring Through Zaarly While Staying Safe

Many services are on hold, but the home services at Zaarly march on.

Zaarly provides online tools for clear communication with service providers. Those tools make hiring, communicating, and working together a smooth process from start to finish while reducing in-person contact during this time of caution.

We believe it is vital for the health of your family and the community that your home remains safe and sound. For some, that means now is a good time to perform maintenance, make repairs or finally tackle that long-awaited improvement project. Zaarly contractors are ready and willing to help you tackle those troubles while keeping your health concerns in mind.

How Zaarly supports social distancing.

Digital communication through Zaarly. Start a project and keep track of all of your communication in one place. It’s quick and easy to chat with a service provider (or many) about the project or issue you want to tackle. Upload photos, confirm details and even receive remote estimates for many types of projects, all from your computer or phone.

Digital payment through Zaarly. Online payment means you don’t have to handle any credit cards, checks or cash. Paying through Zaarly also provides you with the protection of our Guarantee -- one less thing to stress about during this uncertain time.

Supporting good planning through good communication. Keeping all of your project information together and chatting ahead of time with your service provider means you can get more done in less visits. If you have an electrical issue in your kitchen that needs immediate attention, make a list of any other electrical problems that you’ve noticed and send it through Zaarly. A service provider who knows what to expect can knock out a few issues at once rather than coming back for multiple visits. Combining projects often saves you money in travel time too!

Make your needs known. Zaarly service providers are as unique as our homeowners. Each service provider on Zaarly is an independent contractor, and sets their own pricing, schedules, and safety measures. They are happy to share the steps they are taking to ensure your health and safety, and discuss any specific needs you have for your project, your home, or your situation.

In times of trouble, there’s no perfect solution, but strong communities are able to adapt and still get things done! Reach out to a service provider today to see what they can do to help you take the next steps to make your home a safer, happier place to be!

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