Issue Resolution on Zaarly

Issue Resolution on Zaarly

How we help when your expectations aren't met

Zaarly is built on the idea of accountability, and that includes correcting those rare cases when work isn't completed as agreed.

Before our process begins

You must make an attempt in good faith to work with your Service Provider to resolve the issue. In the majority of cases, providers will be eager to please and proudly correct any issues with their work.

Requests for refunds from customers who refuse to allow Service Providers to correct any issues will not be endorsed.

If a resolution between you and your service provider is impossible, contact the Zaarly support team using the contact link below, or at

Here's our process

  1. We gather as much information as possible, including your Zaarly messages, any written conversations off-Zaarly, estimates/contracts and pictures. 
  2. If necessary, we get a second opinion in writing from other experts.
  3. We determine if the Service Provider completed the scope of the project according to documented agreements and industry standards.
Once we're sure we have a clear picture of the incident, and any faults involved, we determine a fair resolution.

What to expect from a resolution

All projects completed with active Zaarly businesses, and paid for entirely through Zaarly's secure payment system, are covered up to the total agreed project cost, or $10,000, whichever comes first.

If our investigation finds that any or all portions of a project were not completed as agreed, that portion will be refunded to you from the total already paid. Zaarly cannot refund more than the total amount charged at the time of the resolution.

You can find additional details and limitations about Zaarly's Guarantee here.

Need to report an issue? Please contact our support team using the contact link below, or at

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