Understanding price point on Zaarly

Understanding price point on Zaarly

Zaarly’s price point system helps homeowners and agents get a quick feel for a Pro’s pricing. 

What do the three tiers mean?

The number of dollar signs represents approximate pricing compared with the rest of the Pros on Zaarly, based on their industry and service area.

$ - Pros at this price point are often a great value. They’re usually very personable, easy to work with, and very skilled, but may not offer a lot of extra or add-on services that other pros might include in their base estimate. These pros often keep their business costs low by avoiding flashy vehicles and doing much or all of the work themselves. It’s often a little harder to get on their schedule because they’re in high demand and don’t have a large team to help them keep up.

$$ - Pros at this price range are the most common on Zaarly. They charge a fair price for good service, and will communicate honestly with you about the options they provide. Some might offer additional customer-service touches, offsetting that cost with older trucks and paper estimates. Others may have invested in more efficient techniques so they can provide service faster and at a lower price than premium providers. They may spend less time talking with you, and more time focused on getting the work done to stay on budget. They all come in around the average price for quality work in their industry.

$$$ - Pros at this price point are likely part of a larger team of technicians and office people working together to get your project completed. They can often accommodate short-notice needs where smaller companies can’t. They’re likely to show up in a newer truck with company logos emblazoned on the side and smiling technicians in uniform. These companies specialize in giving you customized options and providing the most white-glove experience possible.

Will the cheaper Pros cut corners?

All Zaarly Pros are held to the same standards of work quality and customer service, regardless of their price point. Lower price points might mean waiting longer to schedule, slower progress on the job, and less flashy trucks and uniforms. Premium price points may come with more convenience and cutting edge technology. No matter their price point, every Pro has current insurance on file, licensing verified, and is covered by Zaarly’s Guarantee. 

How do you determine whether a Pro is $, $$ or $$$?

The Zaarly team reviews each Pro’s pricing during our vetting and interview process. That information is compared to other Pros in their industry on Zaarly, as well as local pricing outside of the Zaarly marketplace to determine the most accurate price point. 

Do these price points ever change?

Companies change over time, and that means their price points might too. Because the Zaarly team keeps an eye on every project, and has regular communication with all our Pros, we know when they’ve purchased their first fleet of trucks, doubled their team, or changed their company focus in a way that results in an increase in price. That allows us to keep each Pro’s price point up-to-date in real time. 

Why don’t all Pros have pricing information?

Not all Pros fit neatly into three tiers of price points. Some companies specialize in catering to all three price points. Some offer such a diverse set of services that some of their projects belong in the $ category, and others in the $$$. For these more custom companies, it’s best to discuss pricing for your project specifically to determine if the price is right for you. It’s also a good idea to get more than one bid, to get a better idea of what a project should cost before making a decision.

The Bottom Line

The Zaarly price point system is a basic guide built to set simple expectations. No matter which price point appeals to your needs and your specific project, it’s almost always a good idea to get more than one bid for a project. Comparing each Pros communication style, available services, and their availability in addition to their price point will help you determine the best fit for your needs.

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