What kind of research is done on the businesses you'll find on Zaarly?

What kind of research is done on the businesses you'll find on Zaarly?

Zaarly is dedicated to providing accountability to home service transactions.

The first piece of that is to partner with home service businesses that are happy to be held accountable, because their standards for service are as high as ours.

What businesses do we partner with?

At Zaarly, we know precisely what kinds of companies we're looking for. They include many or all of these attributes:
  1. Experienced in their industry
  2. Honest
  3. Grow their companies through referrals (which means customers love them)
  4. Organized and detail-focused
  5. Take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them
  6. Great communication skills

How do we find (and keep) them?

Knowing what you're looking for is great, but finding it can be tricky. At Zaarly, we've developed a careful process for filtering out businesses who either don't want to be held accountable, or need to get some more skills in place before they can deliver exceptional service.

For every Zaarly partner:
  1. We research their online presence and reviews
  2. We pre-qualify them by phone and explain how we hold businesses accountable (the bad ones vanish at this point)
  3. We do thorough background checks through Checkr, a trusted 3rd party
  4. We verify insurance with their insurance agent
  5. We gather license # and ensure good standing (when applicable)
  6. We conduct a 30-60 minute phone interview
  7. We train them on Zaarly's tools and our expectations for conduct
  8. We monitor and coach them carefully during their first 30 days on Zaarly to make sure they consistently meet our standards
  9. We KEEP monitoring them as long as they're on Zaarly, and remove businesses who don't make the cut

You deserve to have confidence in the home service providers you hire, but this process takes time, both up-front and ongoing. Many of the steps we take aren't even an option for homeowners, even if they had the 5-10 hours to put in. 

That's why we take this on. 

Learn more about how we find the best match for your Projects, or how Zaarly stays involved until the job is done.

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