What can Zeer help me do?

What can Zeer help me do?

Zeer records events around you when you do not feel safe. Zeer quietly documents footage and is alert if you need to call emergency services. Zeer can alert you if your friends or family need help with a Safeword.

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    • Why should I have Zeer?

      Zeer has your back when there is no one to back you up or prove your story. By dialing 911 with voice or touch, Zeer allows a faster emergency response than the old way of opening your device, typing 911 into the keypad, and pressing send. Zeer ...
    • Why should my family have Zeer?

      Zeer helps protect your family when you cannot. When your loved one is in danger, you receive a text message on Zeer activation showing where your family is and what is happening.
    • What are technical requirements for using Zeer?

      To use Zeer you must have Android 9 or above.
    • Does my school have Zeer?

      Some schools have enrolled in a Zeer trial now. Please contact info@zeersafe.com to ask about your school, or to enroll.
    • How old must I be to use Zeer?

      Right now, you must be at least 13 years old to use Zeer. In the future, we will have a family plan that allows minors to use Zeer for safety with a guardian's permission.