Am I Annoying My Followers By Posting Too Often?

            Probably not.

            At a minimum, you should add new content to your social media pages 10 times per month to show your followers that you are actually there and somewhat active when they go to check you out by clicking through on a link from your website or an article. In addition to the “canned” content on your website they will want to see your brand personality and what you are all about. What do you share? What is your point of view?

            For comparison, especially if you are concerned about posting too much, here is how frequently top brands say they post for best results, according to a study by Hubspot:

            • Pinterest: 5 times per day

            • Twitter: 3 times per day

            • Google+: 3 times per day

            • Facebook: 2 times per day

            • Linked In: 1 time per day on weekdays, since this is a business audience

            • Instagram: 1-2 times per day

            • Blogs: 1-2 times per week was found in their recent study to almost double the leads of a business 

            Updated: 26 Apr 2016 09:22 AM
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