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            Can I Automatically Post My YouTube Videos To Facebook and Twitter?


            Here's how:

            1. Login to your YouTube account.
            2. Click on your username in the top-right corner of the provided personalized homepage, and click "YouTube Settings".
            3. Click on the "Connected Accounts" from the left-hand tabs at the left of your screen.
            4. Open another browser window, or another tab.
            5. Visit either the Facebook or Twitter websites (or both). Sign into the sites you'd like to connect to your account, to make the connection easier in YouTube.
            6. Click on the "Connect" button to the right of your respective sharing service on the resulting page on the YouTube tab.
            7. Authorize all boxes that come up, which allow posting to your favorite sharing-service's wall/account area.
            8. Click on each of the buttons to the left of the sharing item(s) you'd like to share.Some of the major ones you may want to share include (but are not limited to):
              • Upload a video
              • Add video to public playlist
              • Like a video or save a playlist.
            9. Go to the video you'd like to share.
            10. Like the video, or upload a video to test it out. Later, you can test out the feature where it shows the comments you posted on videos on your social network 
            11. Go to your sharing service, and make sure that it posted.  If so then you're done and can repeat for other videos.  If not contact google.com for support.
            Updated: 29 Apr 2016 06:38 AM
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