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            How to synchronize your Zoho contacts with Google contacts

            Below is an article on synchronizing your Zoho contacts with Google Contacts

            And this explains how to synchronize your Zoho Calendar with Google Calendar.  I suggest using the 2-way synch.

            Once your Google Calendar & Contacts are synchronized then when you create an appointment in Google Calendar, if you include the email address of the patient, it will be recognized by Zoho CRM and save the calendar entry in the Contact record.

            BUT (this is important) that calendar entry in Zoho cannot be used for workflow rules.  Even though you see the event you can't create rules such as emailing a contact who hasn't had an appointment in a certain amount of time.  For this rule to work you need to create the calendar entry in Zoho.
            Updated: 31 Jul 2015 10:19 AM
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